Course Overview

The course provides participants with the necessary training to understand the principles, protocol and procedures which constitutes the GMDSS Network.  It also provides hands on application of the Technology through Simulator Training.



* To develop communication skills which will enable the participants to function efficiently at sea in a safe manner.

* To develop an awareness of maritime safety

* Courses are delivered according to requests the minimum number of participants is five


Target Groups

* Officers on Merchant Ships

* Ocean Going Persons

* Large fishing Vessels

* Regional Coast Guards



* Interactive Workshop

* Visual Aids

* Simulator Training (50%)



The course includes the following elements:

* P.C. Based Simulation

* Poseidon GMDSS Simulator including:

*  Voice and data communications network (radio, satellite and telephone)

*   Instructor Monitoring and control of all systems

* Realistic exercise to demonstrate proficiency in the equipment.

*   Simulation software for VHF (Radiotelephone), VHF (DSC), MF/HF (Radiotelex), Navtex, 2182kHz Receiver, INMARSAT-A & INMARSAT-C

* All operational competencies, learning objectives, and assessment criteria as recommended by the IMO model course

* Course material provided

* Video presentation

* Student Certificate on successful completion


Cost: US$1012.00 or Jamaican Equivalent inclusive of Licence fee

Duration: Ten days

Location: CMI Main Campus