Our Programmes

The Marine and Professional School focuses on the core seafarers STCW 95 IMO courses leading up to the level of captain, chief engineer and chief mate. The Academic School manages the Associate Degrees, Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters Degrees and spearheads general research based activities. The School of Advanced Skills concentrates on hands on competency based training to meet the needs of the growing shipping and logistics sectors including, alternative energy, engineering projects, business development, entrepreneurship and the Career Advancement Programme (CAP).

The Programme Offerings are follows, and generally, students are required to have at least five (5) CXC subjects or equivalent:

Within the School of Marine and Professional Studies

  1. BSc. Marine Transportation
  2. BSc. Marine Engineering

Within the School of Academics

  1. Master Degrees:
  2. M. Eng. Industrial Systems Engineering
  3. M.Sc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  4. M.Sc. Cruise Shipping and Marine Tourism

Bachelor Degrees:

  1. B.Sc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  2. B.Sc. Port Management
  3. B.Sc. International Shipping
  4. B.Sc. Cruise Shipping and Marine Tourism
  5. B.Sc. Security Administration and Management
  6. B.Sc. Custom Processes and Immigration
  7. B.Eng. Industrial Systems

Diploma: International Shipping and Logistics

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.Sc): Industrial Systems Operations and Maintenance

Within the School of Advanced Skills

  1. CAP Programme
  2. Customized (on demand) Course