The CMI is a dynamic ISO 9001:2008 certified institution and the Regions Centre of Excellence for tertiary maritime, logistics, engineering training, research and consultancy. It is a corporate body established under the Jamaica Maritime Institute’s (JMI) Act of 1992 and operates under the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing. The institution is proactive in identifying the needs of the market (locally, regionally and internationally) and seeks to expand its programme offerings to meet market demand.


The Blue Ocean Philosophy challenges the CMI to discover and capitalize on its own niche market rather than struggle to outperform rivals in the crowded and shrinking traditional and orthodox educational and training disciplines. The Blue Ocean Philosophy seeks out uncontested areas by making competition in the Red Ocean irrelevant.

The Institute now focuses on:

  1. Satisfying global demand in the expanding shipping and logistics sectors.
  2. Capitalising on the inescapable link between land, sea and air, and the multi-faceted demands for training in these areas.
  3. Expanding beyond the traditional maritime boundaries and integrating the transportation and logistics chains.

Today, shipping and the logistics and supply chain sector accounts for thirty five percent (35%) of the value of global trade. As global efficiency increases, the need for specialized businesses to service the growing demand in the maritime and general logistics sector increase.

The implications of the phenomenal growth in demand for these services, is that there is a robust market into which the CMI can tap.

The Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Institute


The vision of the CMI is to be the premier institution of choice for maritime education, training and applied research within the Caribbean and beyond.


The mission of the CMI is to provide solutions through the application of knowledge, talents, and skills to continue to redefine the boundaries of tertiary education and professional maritime training.


The objectives of the CMI are to:

  1. Provide quality maritime education and related technical and vocational training.
  2. Produce graduates of a high calibre in keeping with international standards.
  3. Provide professional maritime and technical consultancy services.
  4. Serve as the regional maritime information data centre.
  5. Foster and promote professionalism and the development of staff.
  6. Foster and enhance maritime environmental awareness, response and planning, in keeping with international conventions.

Core Values

The core values of the CMI are:

Respect : We create a work and learning environment based on mutual trust and respect.

Forgiveness: We do not harbour grudges and will endeavour to resolve all conflicts in the shortest possible time.

Student Success : We support, recognize and celebrate student success.

Accessibility : We are committed to providing greater access to educational opportunities.

Service: We are relentless in our efforts to satisfy the career interest of our students, spanning areas of Land, Sea & Air.

Excellence: We make every effort to challenge our staff and students to produce their best work and maximize their full potential.

Diversity : We believe diversity in the Institute is a strength that must be embraced.

Innovation: We value and encourage new ideas and actions of students, faculty, and stakeholders in arriving at solutions to problems.

Public Accountability : We are responsible for our students and accountable to our Board of Governors.

Integrity: We will conduct our affairs on the basis of honesty, truth, honour, reliability and uprightness.

Team Work: We will promote team effort by engaging individuals in synergistic relationships.