The objective of the course is to enable the trainee in the event of a fire on board a ship, to assist with organizing personnel effectively and control the fire fighting operations, using those techniques in which he has been trained.  The trainee will also have acquired knowledge of fire prevention and an ability to inspect and maintain the fire extinguishing systems and equipment.


Specific instructional objectives includes:

¨ Control fire fighting operations on board ships at sea and in port

¨ Know when to use smoke extractor and ventilation control

¨ Know what precautions to take when stowing and handling paints

¨ Design strategies and tactics for control of fires in various parts of the ship.

¨ Use portable fire extinguishers

¨ Control fuel and electrical systems on board

¨ Co-ordinate shore-based fire fighting

¨ Identify the different fire detection systems

¨ Communication and coordinate operations during fire-fighting

¨ Use Fire-fighting equipment on fires involving dangerous goods

¨ Prepare contingency plans

¨ Understand the statutory and classification requirements for surveys

The course comprises of 11 lessons.  Lesson 11 being case studies of the following areas trainee’s experience of fires on ships and documented reports of fires on ships and lessons learned.


The trainee will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency at the successful completion of the course.  The maximum amount of participants is fifteen.


COST: US$550.00

DURATION: One week

Group Size: 12 persons