Accident Prevention and Control

Accident statistics produced by the Health and Safety Executive for all industries revealed

* a total of 31,203 accidents which resulted in major injuries  of which 572 were fatal

* Figures in the construction industry were

* 3,961 accidents involving major injury, of which 133 were fatal

These figures represent only those accidents which resulted in death or a major injury and take no account of the 131,685 over 3 day “time lost” accidents or the unknown number of minor injury accidents.


It is also known that there are many accidents which are not reported. From the figures shown above, it can be seen that construction is      responsible for 13% of all reportable accidents but 23% of the fatalities even though the industry employs only 5.4% of the workforce.



At the end of this course, individuals should be able to:

* Classify accidents

* Determine the cost of accidents

* Identify the factors that are common to accidents

* Apply various health and safety legislations

* Determine factors likely to affect safety at work

* Implement accident prevention strategies   



* Definitions – Accident Hazard & Risk?

* Accident Causation?

* Why are Accident Prevention and Control measures Important?

* What is the value of preventing and controlling accidents?



Cost:  : Group of 15: US$1,800

Duration: Three Days

Location: flexible for on/off campus