Application Process


Thank you for your interest in the Caribbean Maritime Institute. Applying is now easier and more convenient online. Just follow these steps below:

  • Step1: Click on the ‘Apply now’ icon on the home page or the ‘Apply online’ tab on the home page (at the top right hand corner)

  • Step 2: If you click the ‘Apply now’ icon, then select ‘Apply Now’, then enter the required information. If you click ‘Apply Online’, select ‘Applicant sign up’ and then enter the required information

  • Step 3: Check your email for further instructions and start the application process.

  • If at any time you experience challenges completing each step, contact


In order for your application form to be favourably considered, the Caribbean Maritime Institute must be in possession of the following documents needed for the following categories:

New Students

New students can be classified as those individuals who have recently left high school with or without earned college credit namely CXC/GCE/CAPE results etc.


Mature Students

Mature Students are applicants aged 26 and over with or without college credit

The necessary documents are as follows:

  • A properly completed and signed application form; filled out either manually or online.

  • 2 References/ Recommendations coming from individuals who are NOT RELATED TO YOU.

  • Your CXC/GCE/CAPE scores.

  • Certification from the Police of criminal record (for applicants of the seafaring programmes).

  • Medical report (for applicants of the seafaring programmes)

  • 2 RECENT Passport sized photographs, notarized by a Justice of the Peace/ Notary Public

  • A nonrefundable application fee

  • A copy of your passport (for applicants of the seafaring programmes).

  • For all Jamaican applicants- submission of your Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN).

Transfer Students or Nontraditional Students

This category is referring to those individuals who already possess college credit Requisite documents:

  • A properly completed and signed application form filled out either manually or online.

  • 2 References/ Recommendations.(If you are employed, one reference should come from your employer)

  • Completed School’s Official Reference. (The Alternate reference may be used in place of the School Official’s Reference, ONLY if you were not in school during the past year)

  • Official transcripts from all your previous colleges, regardless of the type of the institution it is, the course completed or transfer or credit.

  • CXC/GCE/CAPE results are also required, where applicable.

  • List of courses currently in progress along with course outline and description.

  • A nonrefundable application fee.

International Students

International Students as the terminology suggests refers to individuals who are outside of the jurisdiction of Jamaica. Hence all other countries apart from Jamaica will be looked upon as being a part of the International community. Students, who fall within this category, need to be in possession of the following:

  • A properly completed and signed application form filled out either manually or online.

  • 2 References/ Recommendations.

  • Completed School Official’s Reference.

  • The CMI requires a submission of all your official transcripts from your high school and all colleges attended.

  • A copy of your current passport and or visa (if applicable).

  • Proof of your finances for the duration of your stay in Jamaica. This will show that you are able to sustain yourself financially.

  • Bank statements or other supporting documents as proof of your ability to meet financial obligations.

  • A nonrefundable application fee.

Short Courses and Other Students
  • A properly completed and signed application form; filled out either manually or online.

  • Documentary proof of employment, experience and/qualification (if required).

  • A nonrefundable application fee.

  • Proof of availability of finances to undertake the course.

  • Proof of your finances. This shows that you are capable of financial support whether by self or from your Employer, if applicable.

Admission Status

Admission to a programme of study at the Caribbean Maritime Institute means that you are admitted to that programme only. Admission to one programme DOES NOT guarantee admission to another programme of study.

Subject Pre-Requisites

Most degree, diploma and certificate programmes require specific subjects and level pre-requisites as part of the admission requirements. These pre- requisites are listed with the programme descriptions in the brochures or booklet.


For the degree, diploma or certificate programmes offered at the CMI, an interview, an essay, a pre-test, and/or group orientation session MAY be required. Applicants’ grades (GPA) in pre-requisite subjects (or their equivalent) may also be used as a basis for the selection of candidates for a programme.

Selection of qualified applicants is a process used to determine offers of admission. Grades (and/test scores equivalencies) in required subjects/courses, as well as any mandatory criteria used in the selection process will be used to determine selection. Qualified applicants whose ranking does not permit an offer of admission to the regular professional programme may be recommended for additional study in academic preparatory subjects or other preparatory programmes.

Orientation is an essential aspect of Caribbean Maritime Institutes (CMI). This process serves to introduce students to the Institution’s rich historical background and informs them of what they can expect their student life at CMI to be. All students entering the Institute are required to participate in the Institution’s Orientation exercise that takes place in September of each year. For new students entering at other times of the year a special orientation session is planned.


The academic year consists of three semesters, which are fifteen (15) weeks each.

All students are expected to attend lecture for at least 80% of the prescribed contact hours of a module/course for full time students and 75% for part-time students.

Students should notify the Office of the Director of Academic Studies and/or the Director of the Marine Division in advance of the start of a module/term of any predictable or unavoidable absence, in which case penalty may not be applicable

Failure to comply will result in such students being barred from sitting examinations in that module/course, if the minimum 80% or 75% requirement is not maintained. This affects all programmes.

If a student decides to cancel his/her enrolment to a programme the following apply:

  • Cancellation must be made in writing.

  • The deposit/registration fee is not refundable.

  • Where a cancellation request is received after the commencement of the programme, refund will be in keeping with the Institute’s refund policy.

  • If students change their programme of study during the term, no refund will be given, even if the revised programme results in a lower fee.