In most ports around the world, it was a common occurrence to use untrained labourers or stevedores to assist in the docking and undocking of ships.  As a result of this, accidents with mooring lines and wire ropes occurred.  Furthermore, the proper methodologies of handling mooring lines and of communicating with the pilot and or ship officers during the docking and undocking was compromised.  The Docking Master Training Course was developed as part of the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS) regulations which requires safe ports and properly trained personnel to handle loading and unloading of ships. 



Þ To train all personnel involved in the loading and unloading of ships.

Þ To standardize training so that the relationship among port docking     personnel,. Ship officers and pilot could be clearly understood and to enhance safety on the port.

Þ To train participants to load and unload vessels safely and in a timely    manner to avoid unnecessary delays at the port



It is claimed that 80—90 percent of marine casualties are caused by human errors.  Therefore, the presenter will take into consideration the safety factors at every step and will assist the participants in report writing as it relates to accidents and casualties.

Participants will be awarded a certificate after successful completion of the course.


COST: US$300 per person

DURATION: Three days

ACCOMMODATION & MEALS: Available upon request