Student Handbook, Brochures and Forms

Student Handbook 2016-2017: 


Logistics, Shipping and Supply Chain Management: 

BSc. International Shipping
BSc. Port Management
BSc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BSc. Cruise Shipping and Marine Tourism
Diploma in International Shipping and Logistics

BSc. Security Administration and Management


BSc. Customs Processes and Immigration


Engineering Programmes:

B.Eng. Industrial Systems
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Industrial Systems, Operations and Maintenance

MEng. Industrial Systems


MSc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Professional Seafarers Programmes:

Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch
Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch
Diploma in Transport with Logistics (Bridging)
Diploma in Marine Engineering (Bridging)

School of Advanced Skills:

Commercial Shipping Spanish – Maritime Industry Requirements
Elements of Port Economics – Maritime Industry
Geography of Ocean Transportation
Fundamentals of Port Management
Essentials of Port Operations
Business Accounting for the Maritime Industry
Commercial Shipping
General Ship Knowledge and Terminologies
Research Methodology and Techniques
Business Communication and Documentation Skills–Maritime Industry
Marine Development and Environmental Studies
Information Technology Solutions for the Maritime Industry
Marketing Practices for the Maritime Industry
Seaborne Cargoes and Dangerous Goods
Seaborne Cargoes and Dangerous Goods
Related Calculations and Computations
Quantitative Methods in Shipping
Carriage of Goods by Sea Law
Marine Insurance and Policies
Broking and Chartering Practices
Maritime Law and Practices
Fundamentals of Maritime Terminal Operations
International Trade and Finance
Cargo Planning and Application
Logistic Management and Simulation
Modal and Intermodal Transportation and Fleet Management


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