The concept of this seminar is to develop a basic knowledge of fire safe working practices and a sequential plan of response to emergencies, thereby increasing the efficiency of response and enhancing the prevention and reduction of costly danger to life and property.



· To train personnel to operate in a safe and effective way in an emergency.

· To expose personnel to basic fire behaviour

· To develop an awareness of safe practices & confidence in fire prevention for the safety of life & property.


Target Groups:-  Personnel from all sectors of commerce & industry are invited; particularly relevant to those in office environments, shops banking, single & multi-occupied  buildings, hotels, manufacturing and service industries.


Course Content

Fire Plan Fire Prevention

Classification of fire Portable Extinguishers

Fire Theory Evacuation/Fire Drill

Contingency Planning Classification of Extinguishers

Earthquake Response Practical


Cost: US$900.00

Duration:     One Day

Group Size: 10 persons