The objective of the course is to enable the trainee in the event of a fire on board a ship, to take command, organize the personnel effectively and control the fire fighting operations using those techniques in which he has been trained.  The trainee will also have acquired knowledge of fire prevention and an ability to inspect and maintain the fire extinguishing systems and equipment.


On completion of the course, the candidates will be able to fight and extinguish fire on board and establish a system to be followed in case of fire.  They will also be able to effectively inspect fire-fighting  equipment and appliances, conduct investigations and write reports.


Course Outline

* Theory of Fire

* Training of Seafarers in Fire-Fighting

* Fire-fighting equipment and their location

* Fire control onboard ships

* Fire and smoke detection and automatic alarm

* Flammable materials, fire hazards and spread of fire

* Shipboard fire-fighting organization

* Inspection and servicing of Fire Appliances and Equipment

* Fire Investigation and reporting


Method of Delivery

A combination of lecture and practical exercises using a fire simulator, portable fire extinguishers, smoke and flame detectors.  A continuous assessment during the practical training and exercises.  A question and answer session will be contained in the assessment and trainees will be tested at the end of the course.  A certificate of competence will be awarded on successful completion of the   programme.


Cost: US$1,800.00

Duration:     Two (2) Days

Group Size: 10 persons