The objective of this course is to provide excellent hands on training for personnel who operate the gantry cranes, they will acquire a basic theoretical knowledge of the principles of operating the gantry crane.  They will also be able to accomplish each task listed below using the Digitran ACS 6th Crane Simulator housed in a 40-ft container or VSTEP virtual interface simulator.


Specific instructional objectives includes:

* Understanding the basic principles of operation of the crane.

* Identify, correct and report equipment failure and operations error within 30 seconds with 100% accuracy

* Understanding the various drives

* Appreciate the safety features and limits of control and motion

* Accomplishing tasks with the assistance of the Instructor in moving containers from hold to deck or from truck to dock and vice versa

* Moving containers from dock to truck or truck to deck and vice versa

The course comprises of 12 lessons.  Lessons 1-11 is  practical training  which satisfies the specific objectives outlined above with the assistance of the instructor.  In lesson 12, parts 1-5, the trainee will be required to   operate the crane in accordance with the established speed, accuracy and safety.


In addition to continuous assessment, the trainee will be tested at the end of the course.  The trainee will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency upon successful completion of the programme.


The programme takes place at the Institute where the Digitran ACS 6th Crane           Simulator is housed in a 40 foot container.


Cost (Per Person): US$1,325.00


Duration:   One week