This course is offered at the Institute in accordance with the International Maritime Organization Convention of  Standard Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers (IMO-STCW 78/95 Convention).  With slight           modification, this course has been offered as industrial Fire Fighting for land based companies.


The objective of the course is to provide excellent “hands on” training for personnel at the work place on how to prevent fire and the proper use of Fire Fighting equipment to fight fire.


The course, via a multi-media presentation format, presents the theory, concepts, philosophies and methodologies of this subject area.  Certification of competency is achieved through a written examination assessment meeting the STCW requirements.


The course includes the following areas:

Safety Principles     Fire Fighting Organization      Closed container & fire

Theory of fire          Portable Fire Extinguishers     Dry & wet hose drill

Fire prevention        Communication       Use of extinguishers

Fire detection           Pit Oil Fires             Smoke house exercise

Classification of fire                Fixed extinguishing system     Misc. Fire Fighting Equipment

Extinguishing medium            Self contained breathing apparatus          Fire hazard & fire spread


The course is structured such that the first two days can be conducted on-site and the final three days at the environmentally friendly atmosphere of the CMI (unless facilities are available at customers site).  For presentation on site, we shall seek assistance in providing a classroom and other teaching aids. The number of participants is limited to ten per instructor.

COST: US$2,550.00

DURATION:       One week

Group Size: 12 persons