Industrial Programmes

The industrial engineering portfolio consists of three programmes offerings:
  1. Masters of industrial Systems
  2. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Industrial Systems
  3. Associate of Applied Science Degree (AASc.) in Industrial Systems Operations and Maintenance

This degree programmes are designed to produce a well-rounded graduate with the engineering knowledge and skills combined with management education that will adequately prepare him/her for contributing towards the process of technical implementation and innovation within the manufacturing industry.

The programmes utilize computer-aided engineering tools and management systems to educate a multi-disciplinary engineer. Such a person will have knowledge of industrial systems, operations and maintenance, together with other traditional fields of engineering that are associated with manufacturing, but will have an investigative approach to problem solving.

This approach produces graduates with effective engineering and managerial skills of a broad nature. It will meet the training needs of personnel from the following industries globally, among others:

  • Public Utilities: Power generation, Water distribution and Hospitals
  • Manufacturing: Clothing, Fabrication and Light industry
  • Process: Bauxite, Cement, Sugar and Petro-chemicals
  • Ancillary: Transport and Shipping, Agricultural and Refrigeration
  • Commercial: Property Management, Tourism and Printing

Course Structure - The programme is offered on a full-time and part-time basis.

- The major (research) project is designed to evaluate both application of analytical techniques and the development of problem solving, reporting and presentation skills.

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