During this 2 Day program participants will learn how logistics should fit into corporate & supply chain organizations. How to analyze total logistics costs and to apply logistics & supply chain productivity indicators. The current trends in global logistics & supply chain. The benefits and application of logistics information systems and logistics & supply chain mega trends.


Why you should attend:

This program is designed to “eliminate waste in the logistics chain” thereby cutting costs and improving efficiency. The course will be relevant for the following: Purchasing & Procurement; Warehousing; Shipping & Logistics; Security and General Administration.


Outline of Course:

* Evolution & role of logistics in business

* How logistics should fit in the Corporate & Supply Chain Organizations.

* Total Logistics Costs Analysis & Ratios.

* Logistics Productivity Indicators.

* Benchmarking for logistics & supply chain management.

* Logistics & Supply Chain mega trends.

* Inventory & The Supply Chain Management

* Planning System (MRP)

* Integrated Logistics

* Time Compression in the Supply Chain

* Eliminating Waste in the Supply Chain

* Supply Chain Re-engineering & Application


Course Materials:

Workshop includes:

Course Material including CD of all presentations.

Work Projects and Handouts.

Certificates of Completion.


Course Dynamics and Materials:

This is "hands on" training, with participation and active interaction encouraged.

Work Projects, Handouts, Certificates of Achievement.

COST:   J$7,500.00 per person/per day