This course is designed to meet the STCW ‘95 requirements and satisfies the mandatory minimum requirements for certification of officers in charge of navigational watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more and for certification of officers in charge of navigational watch and masters ships of less than 500 gross tonnage engaged on near– coastal voyages.


The objective of the course is to provide the successful candidate with the knowledge and skill of first aid sufficient to take immediate effective action in the case of accident or illness likely to occur on board ship until the arrival of the person who is in charge of medical care.


Specific instructional objectives will enable the student to:

à Recognize the contents of a first Aid Kit

à Apply appropriate basic measures to stop bleeding

à Follow the sequence of immediate measures to be taken in case of emergency

à Recognize the signs and hazards of unconsciousness and be able to apply appropriate measures to sustain life

à Have an understanding of pharmacology and the sterilization process.

à Use as reference the Medical First Aid guide for use in accidents involving dangerous goods.

à Describe body structures and functions

à Recognize the signs and symptoms of shock and apply measures of basic shock management.

à Recognize the necessity of immediate resuscitation in an emergency and be able to apply resuscitation procedures alone/with others.

à Recognize the effect of cardiac arrest drowning and asphyxia.

à Follow the sequence of immediate measures to be taken in cases of emergency.

à Carry out examinations of casualties  and patients

à Give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) where necessary

à Recognize the hazards of transporting a casualty with pelvic or spinal injury with special regard to the logistics of the ship.

à Improvise bandages for fractures, dislocations and muscular injuries.


The course combines lecture, demonstration, discussion practical sessions and video cassettes.  In addition to a continuous assessment the trainee will be tested at the end of the course.


The trainee will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency upon the successful completion of the programme.


COST: US$550.00

DURATION: Five (5) days