A large number of the shipping industry work force specifically the personnel involved in the loading, discharging  and securing of the ship’s cargos has never been recognized as one of the skilled based sector of the industry.  This was due to the fact that persons who worked in these areas had education level below grade ten.  In addition, there are no structured training programmes which offer this form of training.



Þ To upgrade and standardize the training of all workers within the stevedoring sector and to certify them using the National Vocational Qualification levels (NVQ).

Þ To factor all safety measures to be taken in achieving standards.

Þ To acquaint all workers with the precautions to be taken in handling dangerous cargos.

Þ To be able to load, secure and discharge cargo properly to and from ships, containers and pallets.


Some areas covered are:


COST: Level  1 -  US$450; Level 2– US$650;

Level 3 - US$950

DURATION: 3/6/9 months/Based on work experience