Welcome to CMI

We are pleased to introduce to you the Caribbean Maritime Institute; the premier educational institution of choice for higher learning, training, research and consultancy in the Western Hemisphere.

Born out of co-operation between the Government of Jamaica and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway to train professional seafarers, the Institute has extended its reach globally and is today recognized as a centre of excellence for tertiary maritime education in the Caribbean.

In the context of maritime education and training institutions, the CMI is number one. We are the home of world class logistics and industry leaders.

The CMI enjoys the elite status of being the only International approved maritime education and training institution in Jamaica. The recent ISO certification of our quality system by Lloyds of London bears testament to the fact that CMI is a world class institution. The endorsement of our programmes by local and international certifying body has put us on the world stage.

Our portfolio of programmes is designed to equip students to enter a tough and competitive job market. Our record in gaining employment for our students is impressive. That is why we boast the highest rate of placement of our graduates than any other tertiary institution in Jamaica.

Our training is done by an expert team of highly qualified professionals supported by state of the art equipment to facilitate learning.

We would welcome the opportunity to further present ourselves to you and to discuss your interest in contracting any of the services we offer.

Seafaring as a Career

Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Set your own career path on modern ships like tankers, container ships, cruise ships, ferries or even the coast guard vessels. These careers pay handsomely and you can advance very quickly in your desired career path by engaging in various exciting activities which are sure to land you at the top of your ladder.

Oil Tankers
Cruise Ships
Naval Vessels
Container Vessels
Coast Guard Vessels
Luxury Yachts
War Vessels

CMI offers professional seafaring programmes that prepare you for two officer career paths, deck and engineering. Unprecedented growth and retirement rates in the Merchant Marine Industry are driving the demand in many varied careers to unforeseen levels. Professional working life on board commercial ships of all types, delivers a challenging and rewarding experience one that you are sure to enjoy. You can truly experience the world and broaden your horizon by interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds by becoming international citizen and by exploring frontiers. Careers at sea also come with a host of other perks, like months of vacation time instead of weeks. Plus there are many other offshore opportunities in port management, regulatory enforcement, training education, as well as fleet operations, management or repair just to name a few.

Employers seek our cadets and graduates and consider them to be world class among the best. Most important of all, as our graduates keep telling us, having a life style, of a career at sea means the world is your oyster.

Marine Navigation

This three (3) year programme prepares you for a career as a ship’s deck officer. You will study the major principles of marine navigation, seamanship, meteorology, ship construction and stability. Then you put these themes to work on campus using the marine communications and bridge simulators and in real- time, onboard your ship during your sea time.

As a deck officer, you are a key member of the ship’s management team. While, on watch, deck officers make decisions on steering and manoeuvring the ship, as well as, monitor navigation and communications.

In port they are responsible for the ship’s cargo and researching stability requirements.

  • This role requires you to be decisive.

  • To bring a centre of calm when dealing with a crisis

  • To demonstrate a leadership style that inspires confidence in others who must follow your instructions

Marine Engineering

This three (3) year programme prepares you for a career as a ship’s engineering officer in the commercial marine industry. You’ll build broad-based knowledge of the highly complex engineering systems of a modern ship. You’ll study the major principles of mechanical and hydraulic machinery, electrical systems and distribution, instrumentation and controls systems and computer and information technology. Then you’ll put the theory to work in the operation of a state of the art propulsion plant simulator at the campus and onboard a vessel during your sea time.

As an engineering officer you’ll be a key part of the ship’s management team. If equipment breaks down while you’re at sea, it will be up to you to determine how to dismantle it, repair it and put it back into operation. Your greatest assets in this field are your engineering know-how and problem solving skills.

Deck Officers are responsible for the navigation, communications, cargo and overall management of the ship and the people on board. Engineering Officers are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the engines and all the mechanical and electrical equipment throughout the ship